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Edinburgh Preview, Her Upstairs

Join Jasper and Lord Hicks for a evening of Edinburgh 'Werks in Progress' at Her Upstairs. Serving up comedy in a delicious assortment of chakra cleansing and ukulele serenading - what more could you hope for on a Wednesday night?

Jasper Red invites you to sample her energy-healing workshop. Are you in denial about how much you use your phone? Are you struggling to let go of the past? Its time to explore your chakras! "As you begin to understand where she is coming from, this unique piece becomes exhilarating" LondonTheatre1

Join Lord Hicks for a musical romp through queer history. Armed with his instrument, rapier wit and lashings of sass, 
his Lordship will recount the laws, legends and liaisons that have shaped what it is to be gay.